I have had such a positive experience working with AK and the HOOME program. She’s an amazing instructor who provides an environment that is welcoming, uplifting and focused.

AK really set the tone for the environment. I am able to leave my daily anxiety and get focused on the work.

Her method, way of teaching and her genuine personality really has helped me to see that taking care of my physical energy is possible and necessary and I will always be thankful for that.
— Talisa, Burien

It’s pretty impossible to adequately convey my perspective of HOOME & AK in simple words such as these. But to try... and to sum it up: I have avidly worked out for a couple decades or more- in many different formats and venues, without any at all and with a variety of trainers (many of which have been great), etc. And while I enjoy pretty much all of it, there is nothing that even comes close to AK. Are her workouts outstanding? Interesting? Varied? Challenging? Yes. Of course. All of the above. And yet, that is just the beginning of the experience with AK; it’s almost just the proverbial icing on the cake- which is odd since all that is the whole point, right? But AK’s ideal balance of motivation, encouragement, energy, positivity, guidance, technique, professionalism, and overall hard-core-you-almost-wanna-die workout with a side of humor, compassion, and soul is something altogether special which drives me to keep working and pushing to the next level in spite of personal obstacles to it, and doing it with a more focused blend of peace and inspiration.
— Maren, Burien

Everyday I show up to class feeling inspired, empowered and encouraged. Aliysha Kaija has such an incredible approach to teaching.. always tweaking the smallest things to really focus on the movement and the long term goals. I’m grateful to be her student!
— Larissa, Seattle