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What Moves You?

Corporate Wellness curated with you in mind, body and soul.

Deep Stretch, Yoga + Myofascial Release

REVIVE your entire being with our blend of yoga flow + deep stretch, mediation and mio-facial release. Piece by peace we take you through kindly crafted movements that strengthen, lengthen and revitalize your temple. A true warrior knows the balance of when to fight and when to let the Love in. Come take the weight of the world off your shoulders. We support you. We see you for all that you are. Let us guide you through an experience that brings you back to your HOOME frequency. Vibe with you on the mat.

Feel: Vinyasa flow, yin, deep stretch + mobility, mio-fascial release. All levels welcome. | 45 minutes

Low Impact, Iso-metrics + Calisthenics

ELEVATE is our high intensity - low impact class. Here we awaken muscles you never knew you had and movements you never knew were possible. We use medium to lighter weights, high reps, all the band-work and resistance training. It’s time to tighten, tone and target areas we forget to activate like our core, pelvic floor, and glutes. The details matter and here, you discover how to integrate your whole body into every day movements. We build upon iso-metrics, calisthenics, barre, pilates and functional flow movements into a sweaty up-tempo high vibrational 45minutes.

Feel: High-Intensity, Low-Impact, Resistance Training. All levels welcome. |45 minutes

High Intensity + Weights

FUEL is fitness reimagined. Here we throw around heavy weights, laugh (sometimes curse) and sweat some more. Everyone has that inner-athlete, competitive nature and warrior within. Fuel lights up the darkness within you. To show you where it’s time to grow, let go, level up. We conquer our inner critique with big lifts, high-intensity and functional circuit training. You’ll be challenged, you’ll be inspired, you’ll change. Change is good when you are supported by your Tribe. We are people worth changing with. Come leave everything that doesn’t serve you on the floor. You’ll leave lighter, happier and in better shape than we found you.

Feel: High-Intensity, High-Calorie Burn, Functional Fitness, Circuit training, Weight Lifting, Compound Movements. All levels welcome. | 45 minutes


Passion + Purpose

We believe in an approach that focuses on community and building relationships where bonds are established through a sense of care, connection and obligation to others. At HOOME our mission is to inspire and nurture humanity to attain its highest quality of life.


We got you.

HOOME Go supports businesses by facilitating access to employees the opportunity for a healthier lifestyle. We guide organizations and its people to an improved status of health and wellness.


Events, RETREATS + Workshops

Live your best life with our immersive experiences..



Come have a seat at our table. Why eat alone? when you can be nourished with your Tribe. In partnership with Classic Eats, we bring you our meal prep services. We offer glutton free, pescatarian, vegetarian, and vegan options. Orders go out every Friday and pick up Monday. We made it easy to fuel your body and nourish your SOUL.



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